Motor Cat 2 8


Cat 2,8 l of 75 hp/55 kW. The engine is transverse, which produces a shorter bonnet and thus better visibility, manoeuvrability and turning radius.
It meets all environmental standards under the current regulations EU Stage V, U.S EPA Tier 4 Final. Large displacement volume and high torque at low rpm. Excellent throttle response – from idle to full power, e.g. for tree cutting, in 0.3 seconds.
Balance shaft to minimize vibrations, providing smoother running and greater comfort. Long service interval – 500 hours.

Operator’s working environment

Sheltered and safe operating environment. Climate control system, ECC. Air suspension seat, electrically heated and damping in two directions, different adjustment functions, lumbar support, etc.
Good all-round visibility with extra-low side windows for checking the terrain and wheels. Up to 28 spotlights plus front light, all in modern LED technology.

All the technology that a ”big” machine has, i.e. mapping software, operational support, value scaling, etc. Sound-insulating panels with interchangeable buffers.
Safe entrance. Easy to clean – flat floor with no threshold.


IQAN stysystem 5604

Control system

We have chosen Parker IQAN, a leading communications system for electronics in mobile machinery. Our CAN-bus solution has digital fuses, which provide major advantages.

Continuous development of the software provides optimal and always updated user-friendliness. Top of the line.

Monitoring of all important operating parameters.

Working hydraulics and hydrostatic transmission

Hydro-mechanical drive line in absolutely top class with Bosch Rexroth A4VG/A6Vm transmission provides operational reliability, high efficiency and unique driving properties off-road.

The working hydraulics is load sensing and power regulated. Well dimensioned crane valve with individual signal pressure limiter and a pump flow of up to 140 litres/minute. A flow that lends itself well to e.g. operating a Log Max 928 unit.

Filter modules ensure high filtration efficiency and a long working life for the machine’s components. Biodegradable hydraulic oil is both a requirement and self-evident.

Bogie and frame construction

New casted bogie and  optimized frame structure to further enhance handling, strength and longevity. Both the bogie and frame design have been developed by Malwa and their durability and lifetime assessed to ensure trouble-free operation.



For Malwa Combi and forwarder, you can select Cranab’s FC45 T with a reach of 6.1 m or the FC45 DT with a reach of 8 m.

Both have extremely good motion geometry, which means that the crane with harvesting head or grapple behaves in the same way, regardless of where in the working area it is operating. Recognized high lifting capacity.
Both cranes have the capacity to lift a hefty 6 metre but log.

Harvester head

Log Max is considered by many to be the very best you can get. Malwa is equipped with a Log Max 928 head with a 42 cm max cutting capacity. Dependable and technically reliable. Good hose routings.


Extremely good accessibility. Lift the bonnet and the engine is exposed. Removing the left side-bonnet exposes the hydraulic pumps, filter and service points. Behind the right side-bonnet are the radiator and AC condenser.

When the front skid plate is lowered, the oil pan and valve block are fully accessible.

The entire driver’s cab can also easily be lifted with a manual hydraulic pump.
Operating reports and notifications are provided on the display, which makes it extremely easy to communicate and speak with service and support for action or adjustment.

The amount of attachments may vary between different machines.