payed us a visit on one of our demo days in Denmark and wrote an editorial.

To further strengthen our level of service and ability to meet our customers' needs, we have now launched our spare parts catalog as an easily accessible online portal.

Erik Östergren, who previously worked at John Deere and Rottne Industri, joins the Sales team of Malwa Forest in mid-June.

Skene June 2017: Malwa Forest AB is proud to announce Erik Östergren as the Company’s Salesman with responsibility for southwestern Sweden. Erik previously held the role as After Sales Manager at Rottne Industri and has an extensive experience in the forestry industry.

Malwa delivered our first 560-series machine in 2014 and now, more than 140 machines later, we would like to look back on a few factors that we believe contributed to their great success.

February 2017, Now, we have delivered the 75th machine in Malwas 560 - series.
This particular machine was a 560 Combi, bought by a forest owner in southern Värmland.

Skene juni 2017: The Malwa forestry machines are characterized by being compact and light weight yet effective for first and second thinning. The new harvester has a new casted bogie and optimized frame structure to further enhance handling, strength and longevity. The machine can be equipped with extra diesel tank and 100 l capacity on stump treatment fluid for increased productivity..

Our First Year (and a bit) with the Malwa 560F Forwarder. We have now had our Malwa forwarder for a little over a year so I thought I would share some of our experiences of using it in UK conditions.