Our First Year (and a bit) with the Malwa 560F Forwarder

10 January 2016 post by Nick Marshall

We have now had our Malwa forwarder for a little over a year so I thought I would share some of our experiences of using it in UK conditions.

Treeline carries out a wide variety of timber harvesting work concentrating on early thinnings, farm and estate woodlands and sensitive or difficult sites. Due to this our work often has many different constraints or challenges compared to a conventional, commercial harvesting site. These include sensitivities to ground damage, both within the wood (due to amenity, recreational and sporting use), and outwith the wood (crossing farm fields, using estate roads etc.). We often have to deal with restricted access due to narrow gateways or bridges, and frequently harvest small volumes of varied timber spread between multiple small woodlands with varying terrain and ground conditions. Regardless of difficulties, we always work hard to ensure that jobs are carried out in a timely manner and provide a return to the client.

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