Malwa delivered our first 560-series machine in 2014 and now, more than 140 machines later, we would like to look back on a few factors that we believe contributed to their great success.

Malwa is Swedish through and through. We know forests and understand the needs of modern forestry. Our engines and components are top quality, and all our machines are developed and assembled at our factory in Skene. 
(Gothenburg to Skene by car 55 km, Gothenburg/Landvetter airport to Skene by car 35 km). 

Best in test. Malwa machines are in a class of their own, with a number of tests giving excellent results and ratings for reliability and serviceability, driver environment, minimal impact on the ground and low fuel consumption.

More on the forest’s own terms. There are different perceptions of how thinning should be carried out, and forest management is a contentious issue. We have taken a stand. Our machines are only 2 metres wide and can navigate between trees in standing forests. 

Proud and happy. Yes, we are – but we are never satisfied. We work hard, and we work closely with entrepreneurs and landowners to ensure that Malwa is in continuous development. 

Welcome to Malwa.